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Why choose us

Why choose us?

Your eyesight is precious.

You spend a lifetime looking through your eyes so when it comes to surgical eye care, I recommend you do your research and select the organisation and the surgeon who is going to be best placed to provide you with the best possible prospect for safe surgery and an excellent outcome.

Choosing a provider and a surgeon for your eye care is not like a typical ‘purchase’. You are not buying goods that can be returned or exchanged but rather a comprehensive service package which is made up of several important facets.

The table shown below summarises some of the key points of distinction in the services that I offer through Bettersight and other providers.

I believe that every patient deserves to be able to choose not just their provider but also the surgeon who will actually deliver the treatment that you’re looking for.

What I offer at Bettersight

General Private Hospitals Typical High Street clinic Typical independent eye consultant What I offer at Bettersight
Fully dedicated to Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery No Maybe No Yes
Surgeon with extensive Consultant grade NHS service Yes No Maybe Yes
Laser vision correction- 1st generation LASEK/PRK No Yes Maybe Yes
Laser vision correction- 2nd generation. FemtoLASIK No Maybe Maybe Yes
Laser vision correction- 3rd generation ‘SMILE’ No No Yes Yes
‘Presbyond’ Advanced Laser correction for Presbyopia No No No Yes
ICL Vision correction No Maybe Yes Yes
Fully dedicated to Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery No Maybe Yes Yes
Pre and Post-op virtual consultations Maybe No No Yes
Hospital grade facilities Yes No Maybe Yes
Expertise in Refractive & Complex cataract surgery No No Maybe Yes
Regularly updated & independently verified audited results No No No Yes
7 day consultation availability No No No Yes
Interest free finance options No Maybe No Yes
Access to surgeon via unique patient support app No No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I think there is no harm in having 2 or even 3 consultations when it comes to deciding whom to entrust your eye-care to. Even if you have already more or less ‘made up your mind’ who and where to have your treatment (because of a personal recommendation for example) you owe it to yourself to see what other providers have to say before you commit. Occasionally other options may crop in these consultations and or other approaches. I frequently come across patients who have been given conflicting advice – by two different providers, in such cases it would do no harm to consult with an individual surgeon on a one to one basis to try and figure it out

Both are important, but one is essential! What many people may not ultimately realise, is that whilst an organisation is able to provide administration, technology and governance support to surgeons, in the end it is the surgeon, as an individual who performs your consultation and carries out the procedure will play the biggest role in your outcome. It is therefore important to select the organisation AND the surgeon that you feel will deliver the very best prospect for a successful outcome for your cataract or vision correction treatment. So please do your research on the organisation but also on the surgeon. I always recommend that prospective patients should personally discuss their case with the surgeon who will do their treatment. Note – this is not always possible in many high street chains as often times the surgeons working for such organisation’s can be itinerant.

This is not an uncommon position!! – I frequently find patients end up in this sort of position after having gone to 3 or 4 different providers and ended up with differing opinions on what's best for them. Allow me to explain, there is no ‘textbook’ that can be followed, individual surgeons base their decisions on the basis of their own knowledge, skills, experience and previous outcomes. It may even be the case that in a way there could well be two or even three different ways to achieve the goals that you have set. This then is a case of seeking a master communicator who can help you disentangle what at first may seem like conflicting or even contradictory advice. This is an area where I have a great deal of experience and I would personally welcome the challenge of discussing with you on a one to one basis your conundrum, in the hope of being able to resolve it for you. What's the worst that could happen?? – you get another opinion

It would be great if there was, but as of Autumn 2020 – there is no universally acknowledged resource that patients can tap into for such information. Efforts are being made to come up with some meaningful comparisons in the work of hospitals, clinics and individual surgeons, but this has quite some way to go before it is useful. I for one look forwards to having fully independent, verifiable, credible audited outcomes for different procedures across the whole country, but this does seem a very long way off at the moment. In the meantime please review my own outcomes using standardised data collection methods and data that is independently captured and collated, with outcomes with the major accepted outcome parameters, it’s the best we can do for the time being.

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