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Although multifocal lens implants have been available since the mid 1990's - there is no doubt that they have become more commonly available over the last 10-15 years or so. Occasionally I come across patients who have already had a cataract operation in one eye and either opted not to have a multifocal lens, or more likely were not made aware of the option at that time. 

So if you now have a cataract in the second eye - what are the prospects for success with a multifiocal lens implant being used in the second eye operation? 

Having treated many patients in this kind of situation - I can report that the results of opting for a Multifocal lens implant for the second eye are very good. The vast majority of patients can still achieve a good level of vision for close range and far in the multifocal (second eye) treatment. All the usual caveats do apply- expect some night vision distrubances such as glare/ halo etc -which often improves signficantly over time. 

In fact this can be so successful that many patients then ask - is it possible to have a multifocal lens implant for the already treated eye - something i will address in my next blog. 

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