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In short - NO - far from it ! 
in fact as a full time vision correction surgeon I can attest to the fact that the majority of my patients do not rate 'cosmesis' as the major motivator for them to consider vision correction treatments. 
the vast majority of people who consult me are seeking treatment simply because they either want to see better in the natural state, to be able to get up in the morning and GO, and to simply not be so dependent on glasses/contact lenses. Many profess a desire to be able to do outdoor pursuits without all the hassle of glasses/contacts, some choose to consider treatment because they've managed to get into their mid forties before they needed glasses and just can't get used to having something on their face - especially when it's on-off as reading glasses. 
So whilst some people will have in the back of their minds their appearance - and of course many people do prefer their look without glasses - it's more a welcome bonus rather than a key driving force. 


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